e-Leave streamlines communication between your HR and employees and facilitates simple yet efficient management of employee leave.

For employees, this system allows them to easily determine their leave balances and apply leave online. For managers, leave approval no longer involve trails of paperwork. Below are some screen shots of e-Leave:-

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+ e-Leave Login Page +

eleave login

Single entry point
Administrator is able to control user access rights

+ Employee Home Page +

employee page

Apply leave online
Change login password
View announcement from HR department
Check leave entitlement & balances
Trace leave history and status
View Whos on leave
View Company gazette public holidays
Know who’s approving their leave applications
Received e-mail notification of leave application status

+ Supervisor Home Page +

employee page

Approve or Reject leave applications
Trace back action history (approved/rejected leave)
View Leave Entitlement Report of their subordinates
View Leave Status Report (Leave taken, rejected or pending)
Received subordinates leave application via e-mail
Approval via e-mail without login to e-Leave Management System
Apply on Behalf of other colleagues
Out-of-Office Assistant

+ Administrator Home Page +

employee page

View Whos on Leave Today listing or by Calendar View
Create All types of Leave (e.g. Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Marriage Leave, etc
Setup leave entitlement for different levels of staffs
Assign approving officer to various group of staffs
Apply leave on behalf of staffs, updating leave records and adjustment of leave records
Print report on leave entitlement, approved, pending & rejected leave
Create Announcement
and many more...

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